Why Americans are wrong about Muslims & QataršŸ‡¶šŸ‡¦

Last week an American pro LGBTQ supporter was denied entry into a soccer match for wearing a gay pride shirt during the FIFA world cup series held in Qatar. This event has lead to a mass debate on LGBTQ rights and Islam. Many celebrities and western news media outlets have denounced the action and have … Continue reading Why Americans are wrong about Muslims & QataršŸ‡¶šŸ‡¦


Before you file for Bankruptcy: Read This

  Bankruptcy is seen as a fresh start for many people. Bankruptcy is prominently mentioned in the Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 of theĀ United States ConstitutionĀ provides: The Congress shall have Power Toā€¦establishā€¦uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United Statesā€¦. Bankruptcy is a necessary option for those with a high debt … Continue reading Before you file for Bankruptcy: Read This

Latinos Protest Record-Breaking Obama Deportations

  Last Friday, approximately 15-25 Immigrants and sympathizers, marched alongside the "Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition" to speak out against the practice of deportation. Under the Obama administration, deportations have reached record numbers, almost twice as many than that under President Bush. Mexican Americans and latinos have began to rescind their support for President … Continue reading Latinos Protest Record-Breaking Obama Deportations