We need balance in politics more than ever.

Are you Republican or Democrat? Are you left-wing or right wing? Do you support Obama or Bush? Are you liberal or conservative? Are you socialist or capitalist? In terms of extreme spectrums, we have communism (Society comes first) VS libertarian style Capitalism (The individual comes first). Depending on which news media outlets you watch, the world is either for you or against you. Communism is the answer, or capitalism is the answer. The more articles you read, the more it enforces your bias for or against it. Depending on the articles you read or the videos you watch, you believe one thing or another, it all depends on what you’re feeding your brain. Just how bias are you?

Pepsi Vs Coke

Communism is the ultimate society in terms of having your most basic needs met. Everything is given to you by the government. Clothes, housing, food, a job….you don’t have to think, because the “hive-mind” of society will do it for you! There is only one draw back— you have absolutely no individual choice or freedom! Your input or desire for self-determination is second to the good of society.

On the opposite end, you have anarchism or libertarianism. A society where government is almost non-existent. If you can’t manage to establish friendships or build a business, you are left cold in the wind, left with the burden of making thousands of choices with little or no help. Healthcare, transportation, education, food, housing, clothing, —- basically without friends or family— You’re on your own! This system works well in a society with conservative and family values, but is failing us in a modern society that rejects a sense of community and Godliness.

While many Republicans or Libertarians preach the concept of self-reliance, only 8% of Americans are self-employed. Even fewer grow their own food, and even fewer refuse to use any government provided services such as courts or public education services. We are all “sellouts” if you think about it to some degree or another.

When our lives are totally secure, yet there is no freedom, you have a prison. When we have total freedom yet no security, we become nothing but emotional vagrants. We all seek attachment, something to be bound and responsible towards, especially us men, we are literally valued by our ability to conquer and be responsible. Yet too many of these responsibilities brings us a sense of claustrophobia. Yet, when a man is being subsidized and totally free of any obligations, he begins to feel suicidal and devoid of any purpose. If a man had to choose between ultimate freedom and ultimate security (i.e. Prison), he would choose the prison, for atleast then he would have a place to belong. The patriots were wrong. The assassins were wrong.

The order of the light, while occasionally getting in the way of the notion of “freedom”, ultimately had the more pragmatic end goal of ushering in global security rather than global freedom. A wise man, my father, Ronnie Stroud, once told me…. “Son, more than freedom, everyone wants security. Without security, there is no sense of inner peace. And without inner peace, there can be no happiness”. How right he was…. the anarchist pipe dream of “total freedom” is for those who have already found the luxury of freedom or who have fallen so far in the pits of society, that they have nothing to lose anyway. Anarchy is just a temporary transition between the old order and the new order.

People crave Anarchy when the state or society gets too powerful or isn’t running things to the good of society. So naturally, we seek to burn it down. For a few months or years, society is splintered, but eventually, society seeks unity once again, whereas councils, organizations, and public laws are restored albeit in a reformed way. Even those, such as the Amish, or the native tribesmen who live outside of modern governed societies, still seek leadership. Humans are pack animals, we work best in groups. Even in hyper-individualistic/narcissistic western societies, it is still universally agreed upon that we need courts, police, and public law.

The anarcho-capitalist, who says that market places and technology can replace government are merely replacing human overlords with mechanical ones. Robots and technologies must be programmed by humans who will inherently inprint a bias upon them as well. At no point in mammalian history has an organism been completely solitary or individualized. If we spend too much time around crowds and people, we may retreat to our bedrooms for an afternoon for some alone time, perhaps binge-watch some Youtube videos or read a book. Alas, after a day or two, we will be itching to reunite with humanity.

Humans are naturally social creatures. Connecting with, talking to, hugging, kissing, sharing, buying, selling, …. cooperative activities bring us joy! While humans can annoy us, and socializing does require energy and strategy, it is ultimately something we all want. Having too many friends is a far better problem than having too few friends. I know many men who are only friends with their wives and have no circle outside of the home. This is worrisome to me. Socialism has gotten very popular due to our lack of physical socializing.

60 years ago, we didn’t need socialism become communities voluntarily helped eachother out. Churches cared for the sick, and neighbors took in the poor. Yet, as atheism, sexual liberation, and social media took hold on society, the individual became the highest focus. As a result, most of us are lonely because of it. We use social media and technology to connect to others, yet ironically, we are more separated than ever.

Pride in country, culture, language, religion — having shared values is almost seen as bigoted these days. Globalism has taught us that consumerism is the new “world culture”, the new “world-religion”. Humans have always desired to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Whether it was being a part of a tribe, a religion, an army, an order, or a fraternity.

I reject hyper individualism while also rejecting the notion of communism which views humans as being mere ants in a hive-mind. There is a middle ground. This is why I am calling for a resurgence in moderate politics. We need to get off the left wing and the right wing of politics, and ride on the back of common sense.

With no real viable third parties being allowed on the ballots, we need to remove all political parties as George Washington once warned that political parties were more dangerous than standing armies!

To be frank, any politician from 1776-2012, would be considered a conservative by today’s liberal standard. And any Republican conservative today would be considered a hard-core liberal by any of the founding fathers. Endless wars, bailouts, runaway spending, selfie-culture, scandals, abortions, divorce, loose morality, corruption— there is no hope in the Republican or Democratic parties, we can only place faith in God and in Individuals who work on behalf of society. Not those who work in a group on behalf of themselves.

  • Randell D Stroud
  • Nalini-Global

The solution to Korean Unification


The U.S. has refused to relax economic sanctions against North Korea. Moon had previously pressed for the easing of such restrictions and sought to resume stalled inter-Korean economic projects such as a joint factory park and mountain resort. U.S. President Donald Trump opposed a request by South Korean President Moon Jae-in to resume economic cooperation with North Korea at a summit on June 30, the Yomiuri newspaper reported.

More than half of South Korea’s university-age students now possess a positive view toward Korean unification. That’s according to a new poll conducted by the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee. The survey was conducted in early November, canvassing more than 1,000 university students nationwide. Unification of South and North Korea present many problem beyond ideological differences.

  1. Economic Consequences:  South Korea’s GDP is many times multiplied over it’s North Korean Counterpart.  The gross domestic product (GDP) of North Korea is estimated to be $40 billion in 2015, according to the CIA’s World Factbook, which has not given any updated GDPinformation since that date. In terms of GDP per capita, North Korea had a per capita GDP of $1,700.  The South Korean FDP is estimated to be over 1.531 trillion USD (2017).  If unification took place, the South Korean portion of the peninsula would be largely responsible for developing its Northern counterpart, although on a plus side, the North Koreans have a vast military and its own natural resources. In due time, it could supply the South Koreans with many benefits. Its a short term cost versus a long term investment.
  2.  Political Involvement:   If Korea returned to its former empire of the Joseon Kingdom, who would be its ruler? Kim Jong Un or Moon , Jae-In?  This would arguably be the largest hurdle. The people of both North and South Korea would have to hold a new election in order to bring in a fresh new government. Would the government be capitalist or communist in nature? Would both leaders be willing to give up their own power in order to bring about unification?
  3.  Foreign Influence:  If you study the history of Korea (Joseon Kingdom), you will quickly learn that the North and South are merely consequences of the Cold War between Russia and the United States. After the end of WW2, Russia (then USSR) and the USA, divided Korean ownership into two nation states. Much like what happened in Germany and Vietnam. In a sense, the Korean struggle is a proxy war between the USA and communist Russia. Until the Korean people realize that they are essentially puppets of the old USSR and modern United States of America, they will fail to see the con-artistry that was placed upon their brethren. If the North and South unite, they will arguably be one of the most powerful nations in the world. This is contrary to the interests of China, Russia, and the United States. Many of these so called “peace-talks”, are merely for show, and the Koreans must be privy to this.
  4. Assimilation:  Once unification happens, most Koreans will defect to the south since it is more economically sound than the north. How will the economy absorb this? How will the culture be affected on a local scale? How will society integrate them? Many reports already show North Koreans being discriminated against in the southern regions due to them being far behind in terms of education and physical health. How will North Korea’s military weapons and natural resources be combined with South Korea’s military power and natural resources?
  5. Cooperation from Foreign countries:  China, Russia, and the United States all have an economic and political stake in the Korean Peninsula. All three countries must be on board with this assimilation. By combining both Northern and Southern provinces, the peninsula could theoretically obtain vast powers that could rival China, Russia, and the United States.  Just as President Moon has recently attempted to create a joint business venture with Chairman Kim in the form of a joint factor and vacation resort transcending the DMZ, American President Donald Trump, blocked such a measure stating that North Korea must agree to reduce its nuclear program even more so. We must trust South Koreans in their attempts to negotiate with North Koreans. The United States, Russia, and China must all work together by taking a step back and allowing the people of both North and South Korea to negotiate their own affairs. Sometimes, doing less is akin to doing more. President Moon and Chairman Kim must take more initiative in negotiating the sovereignty of their kinship by relying less on foreign powers; specifically Russia, China, and the United States. Nobody knows the Korean people better than those who speak the language and live in the culture of the Korean Kingdom formerly known as “Joseon”.    The Koreans of both the North and South have far more to gain than the Russians, Chinese, and Americans have to lose.

My grandfather, Sargent James Edwards Watkins of the US Army, fought in the Korean war, who is now deceased, would love to see a unified Korea. Economically, politically, and socially, it would not be an easy task, however, in the spirit of freedom and liberty, I believe that perhaps after 10 or 20 years post-unification, Korea could very well become the most powerful nation in east Asian and quite possible become beacon of hope and a positive example to all countries within close proximity within the region including the South-East Asian portion.

Through localization of alliances and communications within the east and southeast regions of Asia, I believe that the Korea peninsula can become a shining example of social and economical prosperity and responsible power.   Militarily, North Korea is quite capable, socially and economically, South Korea has much to offer. If both regions were to successfully reunite, I truly believe that the region could become a leader in the United Nation Security Council and perhaps replace China as one of the “P-5” nations appointed to the UN on foreign affairs. The Korean peninsula is unique in the sense of its economic and military power. Under the right circumstances, I believe that this unification could create a new force in the region that could fundamentally preserve peace, prosperity, and human rights.

The sinful karma of the Cold War must be accounted for. The sins of the past, if healed correctly could restore the former honor of Korea as it once held prior to the Japanese invasion of 1910. North Koreans and South Koreans have one thing in common, they are Koreans!  They speak the same language, and have the same blood coursing through their veins. They must no longer allow themselves to continue being the consequence of the Cold War between Russia and the USA. Until both the North and South Koreans can realize that they are merely puppets to foreign forces, they will be blinded by their own selfish ambitions and never truly realize the power they are capable of as a shared race of people.

To the people of Korea, I say to you, GOOD LUCK and 감사함니다 (thank you), for listening to the words of a humble Migukin (American), who truly loves, respects, and admires the resolve of the Kingdom of Korea. Please continue to fight for the sovereignty and prosperity of your land, absence of foreign influence or manipulation. Take charge of your bloodline and reclaim what is rightfully yours! Only the Korean people can solve the problem of the Korean people. The Americans, the Russians, and the Chinese are merely hurdles to overcome. In the end, it is up to the Korean people to realize the strength and beauty of a reunited culture that will be soon known as the restored Kingdom of Korea.

  • Randell Stroud
  • Nalini-Global
  • 2019

“Why everyone needs this book”- Learn the Law in 7 Days

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Divorce rates on the rise, unemployment, pandemics, riots….how can we arm ourselves with knowledge? How can we survive class warfare?

I recently published a book titled, “Learn the Law in 7 Days”.  I am very proud of this small handbook, coming in at just over 98 pages. This handbook gives the average citizen the ability to learn the basic ins and outs of the legal system in a way that makes sense to them.

The “law”, is what drives society. If you do not understand the legal system, it becomes impossible to navigate inside society. If you learn the rules of the game, you can either learn how to avoid certain pitfalls or you can even learn the loopholes and how to profit! Regardless of your desire, having a basic understanding of how the legal system works will give a huge leg-up in life.

I have many friends who are from foreign countries and I experienced a brief stint of homelessness myself. I wrote this book with these types of people in mind, but this book is truly applicable to the entire human race.  While most people have little desire in learning the legal system, the poor and those who freshly arrive in this country are especially ignorant to what their rights actually are and what they can if they find themselves in a tight spot.

This book could have easily been 300-400 pages long. But, I did not want to overwhelm the reader. I wanted to give them the bare-bones in terms of legal knowledge. 98 pages isn’t that long of a book. I do my best to add in humor and other interesting “tid-bits” in order to make the book less boring and bland. I also share many stories about my own personal life and how the legal system has shaped me.

I hate most aspects of what the law is, but I respect what it tries to do for society. Sometimes you can hate something so much that you appreciate its strength. Sometimes you can love something so much, that you hate how much control it has over you. That’s how I feel about the legal system. It gives our society moments of justice and beauty, as well as moments of corruption and disgust.

In this title, I try to emphasize both the beauty and ugliness of the legal system.  This book is short, sweet, somewhat entertaining, and highly useful! I pray that those who read it will be triggered to dig a bit deeper and truly develop a skill-set that can protect themselves, their friends, their families, and perhaps even spark an interest in a law related field.

Whether you are a student, bus driver, computer engineer, boxer, doctor, or a cashier working at a fast food joint, the “law” controls your life whether you like it or not.  I am not saying that you must become a lawyer in order to survive in the modern world of legalities, but, having some basic knowledge on how to escape everyday legal pitfalls is extremely useful, and this book confidentially achieves that goal.

Please pick up a copy on Lulu.com or on Amazon.com. Search for “Randell Stroud”, and you will find all of my amazing books which will bestow you with infinite wisdom and practical knowledge.



Good luck!

-Randell Stroud



I traveled the country to discuss family law reform

(Me at the congress building in DC- June 10th, 2018)-

On June 8th, 2018, my 31st birthday was fast approaching on June 10th. I decided that I needed to do something of epic proportions to celebrate this new stage of life. About 10 months ago, I published a report given to the United Nations titled, “Global Human Trafficking in the Family Law Courts”.  The UN didn’t give much attention to it, probably because it discussed issues uniquely affecting men instead of the plight of women, nevertheless, Amnesty International  in New York City reached out to me via -email about a week ago, wanting to meet up.

I have a huge fear of traveling alone, so this proved to be the perfect motivator for me to conquer two birds with one stone. I took a bus to DC, then a train to NYC, then a train back to DC, then finally an airplane flight back to Nashville,TN. I learned alot about myself on this journey.  Even though my main objective was to reach Amnesty International in New York, I spent most of my “getaway” in D.C., as I had a friend who lived there who offered to host me.  During my time in D.C., I made my way to the House of Representatives. For two days, I lobbied to them about family law reform.

A few weeks ago, Kentucky was the first state to pass a default 50/50 custody bill. A presumptive bill that would automatically grant fathers joint custody with minimal child support, so long as he didn’t have a criminal background. This is huge considering that the average man will spend 5-30K in court begging for equal rights. While I recognize the plight of women’s rights activists, the male gender faces its own unique set of challenges.

For two days, I visited more than 30 congressmen/women and their staff to discuss family law reform. I handed out copies of my report, business cards, and even stopped by the offices of Kentucky Congressman, Andy Barr, to  thank him and his state for being a leader in family law reform.  I visited congressmen in Texas, California, Rhode Island, New York, Tennessee, Maryland, you name it!

Most of the reception I got was very “lukewarm”.  Family law is simply something that isn’t discussed very much by federal politicians. Divorce, child support, alimony, custody,— these words bring falsely negative connotations associated with failure, infidelity, blackmail, and scandal. It is a topic that many politicians simply do not want to touch out of fear of backlash from feminist groups. While there are some women who are affected by the family law courts, men tend to bear the brunt of unfairness within these systems. To speak out against the family law courts will often garnish you a label of being a misogynist or an “MRA”. (Men’s Rights Activist). For some reason, society thinks its perfectly fine for a mother to have an abortion or give up her unwanted child for adoption, however, men who don’t want to be dads are called “deadbeats”, and the ones who do want to be dads have to spend a small fortune on legal fees to get basic custody rights while still paying child support on top of it.

As many of you know, I am a champion of foreign policy reform, tax reform, civil liberties, and plethora of other civil liberties issues. In fact, I submitted a report to the ACLU regarding civil asset forfeiture. Family law reform isn’t the only thing I care about, but it is very high on the list.

During my meetings with various congressmen, I was mainly left with statements such as, “I’ll look into this.”. However, I did get very good responses from congressmen in Maryland, Texas, and Georgia.  Maryland is one of the few states who has tough laws against leaving your children in a car unattended. Maryland claims to be a very “children concentric state”,  thus, I wasn’t too surprised that their offices actually gave me the time of day.

Tom Reed of New York wasn’t in his office, however, his staff associates were very nice to me and gladly took down my info and a copy of my report. I cannot say the same about some of the other offices that I visited who gave me such a cold welcome, almost as if they couldn’t physically see me standing in front of them.

I tried to visit my own congressman from TN for two days straight, congressman  Jim Cooper, however, he was away both times. He and I have had several run-ins back in Nashville, so I’m not sure how happy he would be to see me again, as I have already spoken with him about this issue several times.

(Me outside of Rep.Cooper’s office in DC.) 

While in D.C., I learned and recognized many things. The people in this city are highly educated on political matters, even the lowly beggars have a basic understanding of how bills are passed and the roles lobbyists play.  Protesting and demonstration occurred at the Congress and white house daily.  While attending a seminar at the Supreme court, I passed the congress building and noticed a group of ethnic Uyghurs, chanting and begging for the United States government to use their military might to save their people from the clutches of Chinese control.

Many libertarian and liberally minded people often shy away from interventionism as it causes much blow-back for our national security,  however, this demonstration made me rethink the US’s role in foreign policy. Perhaps our presence isn’t always shunned but actually welcomed in some places.  I suppose there are always two sides to every story.

As I left the congress building, I managed to get a peak at President Trump coming in from his trip at the Korean Peace Talk summit in  Singapore. The Secret service was in full effect with their rifles, clearing the streets of any nearby pedestrians including myself.

“Stand back! Make way!” – Secret Service agents

Later that day, I visited the white house and came across an interesting man who went by the name, “Felipe”.  He had an encampment set up across the street from the white-house. He had been in that camp protesting war, advocating for gun control, and attacks on civil liberties since 1982! That’s right! This man has not left his protest encampment since 1982! Talk about commitment! I engaged in an hour long debate with the man who sat disabled in his wheelchair. He had several degrees in political science, sociology, and psychology. While I didn’t agree with him on many points, I respected his diligence, and we both managed to agree that things like family law reform, and laws like the NDAA and the Patriot Act are bad for Americans in regards to personal liberty.

According to his testimony, there is a current law in place that says that no one is allowed to be encamped within so many yards of the white house, however, since the man had been in this place since 1982, (before such laws existed), he had essentially be “grandfathered” in, and is legally allowed to stay encamped in front of the white house so long as the camp remains occupied 24/7. Felipe is there most of the time, but has his father stand in his place when he needs to go away or take breaks.  Felipe garnished much respect from fellow congressmen, as two actually approached him and gave him a “fist bump” of acknowledgment.


(Felipe camped out in front of the White House, no civilians is allowed to pass the police line or else they could face imprisonment– even Felipe isn’t exempt from this law)

My next stop was the Library of Congress.  The world’s largest collection of books in the world.  Photographs aren’t allowed to be taken of the actual books, however, when I say that the collection was impressive, it is an understatement! The library consists of three large buildings which contain entire departments dedicated to a single subject. Do you enjoy Chinese history? Well, there is an entire floor dedicated to just that single topic! Do you enjoy mechanical engineering? There is an entire room dedicated to just that subject. The amount of information in those buildings is completely awe-inspiring. I constantly found myself speaking in a silent whisper, “This is incredible!”. , “Wow!”.

I visited the copyright office in the Library of Congress and met with one of their consultants who guided me on the process of submitting my own publication, “Global Human Trafficking in the Family Law Courts”, into the library of congress.  If my book is accepted, it would forever remain as my contribution to my country, my people, and to the world’s largest library.


After my adventures in the Congress, the Supreme Court building, the White House, and the Library of Congress, I accidentally came across an Amnesty International building. I thought to myself, “This could be a great networking opportunity, since I am scheduled to interview with them tomorrow in NYC.”

As I approached the building, there was a small security detail who was only letting badged members get in.  I tried getting in, but I had no formal appointment with the D.C office. However, I was determined to get a copy of my report into as many people’s hands as I could. So, I did what any rational activist would do.  I broke trespassing laws. I waited until the building’s employees returned from their lunch breaks. The wave of workers came hauling into the building using their badges to bypass security. I merely ducked my head-low and piggy backed into the building behind them. Without a badge I was only able to make it to the 3rd floor. Amnesty’s main office was on the 4th floor.

  (At Amnesty International In Washington D.C.)

So, I had to get creative. I found a fire exit with a staircase and managed to get on the 4th floor. However, I ran into another problem. Amnesty had an empty lobby with a single door that only allowed badged members once again. There was no secretary in sight. I called the interviewing office in New York City and told them I was in D.C. instead. This prompted one of their policy research managers to come to the lobby. She speaks out, “Who are you? How can I help you?”

I say, “I am set to meet with Mr.Solis in NYC tomorrow about a management position. ” She laughs and says, “They tell everyone that. Mr. Solis only hires for intern positions that pay 15$ an hour.”  I was a little annoyed to learn this.  So I reply, “Wow! Seriously? Well, I traveled all the way from Nashville,Tn. This is a report I have written regarding Family Law reform. Regardless of any job opportunities, I think you guys should look at this! I am a supporter of women’s rights activism, however, this is an issue of gender equality where the male gender needs some serious support!”.  The policy manager was hesitant to take my packet until I gave her my Nalini-Global business card.

At this point, she realized I was serious. She replies, “I will get this to our research department. This looks very fascinating. But, I’m sorry we can’t interview you here. You aren’t cut out for an internship anyways. Forget the NYC interview with Mr.Solis. I am going to take your report and see what we discuss further.”

I reply, “Thank you so much!”. She replies, ” I don’t know how you got up here. This is a restricted area. But, I admire your moxy! But, you have to go now!”. I reply, “Yes ma’am. And thank you!”.

After leaving Amnesty, I took a rest and headed up to NYC by train. The ride was three hours. On the train, I met many lobbyists and a woman from Italy who was here on vacation. We discussed music and politics for a good hour until the train staff told us to shut as other passengers were trying to sleep.

Upon arrived in NYC at Penn Station, I headed straight to Federal Hall. The birthplace of out government. It was a proud moment. Something that has been on my bucket list since the age of 20.  After getting in NYC, I arrived about an hour late, thus I was shut out of my interview with Amnesty. But, I didn’t care, I wasn’t happy about being lied to about an internship/canvasser position anyways. I needed to make some real money! Regardless, I was still on a mission.  After leaving Federal Hall, I visited “Wall Street”, the financial center of the USA. The power and corruption germinating inside the NYSE was overwhelming just as the city skyline was itself. NYC is not the place to go if you have anxiety or are prone to panic attacks.


(Me in New York City in front of Penn Station) 

In NYC, everyone is looking to score something. Sex, drugs, money, a phone number, a free-ride, selling something. ect.. It is a very fast paced city that caters to the rich. My last action in NYC was to visit the UN building. To try and submit my report in person. I was blocked by security and wasn’t about to attempt to go further. This wasn’t amnesty international, this was a multinational governmental organization, I didn’t want to be arrested or killed. So, I took my loss and returned to Penn station the next morning. After all, as a state rep candidate myself back in Nashville, I still have a campaign to run myself!  During the train ride back to D.C, , I saw the poverty in Baltimore and in parts of New Jersey. It was a sad site. Like a third world country in some respects. Upon arriving in D.C., I stayed at a friend’s house and took a flight back to Nashville the next morning.

While this narrative is a summarized version of my experiences during this birthday diplomatic mission, it sums up my passion quite well. If this blog post were to be used in a job interview, it would demonstrate my passion to a high level unparalleled to any college degree one may possess, as anyone can remember facts and details in order to obtain a degree, but few can put their very lives on the line for a cause they believe in.

I don’t know how effective my actions were in this trip. Perhaps I wasted my time and money. Perhaps I am a fool for thinking that such a man from a lowly background of lower-middle class parents can actually make a difference in such a powerful city like D.C. or NYC. But, then again, I thought that same thing two years ago when I successfully fought to get a corrupt politician fired, county clerk, John Arriola. in Nashville TN.

Regardless of the outcome, the trip changed my life. It made me proud to be an America. It gave me a connection to this land unlike I had before. For all of it’s ugliness, I saw a certain amount of beauty in the process of politics and government. I did see remedies and potential in solving certain problems in an ever changing world. It gave me a sense of strength and confidence I never knew I had.

I do not know where my journey will take me next, as I will be ending the lease on my apartment in two weeks, however, wherever I end up next, you can take your money to the casinos and safely bet that my next chapter will be anything but boring!

To life. To liberty. And to the pursuit of a meaningful life.

-Randell Daryl Stroud


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Where is the International Day of The Boy?

Today the United Nations declared that October 11th, would now be considered “International Day of The Girl”, bringing awareness to the fact that 1 in 4 girls world-wide will become married before the age of 14.  Girls are also more likely to end up as sex trafficking slaves than boys are. Girls are also subject to genital mutilation in developing countries like Sudan, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia.

As these girls turn into women, 1 in 4 of them will end up in an abusive relationship.  Being a girl/woman, in human society is rife with challenges that should never be ignored or marginalized. However, as a gender studies enthusiast, I noticed that there is no international day of the “boy”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. According to studies, “Fathers Day” generates 1/4 of the income from sales as compared to “Mothers Day”.  If Fathers are being ignored in their importance, then why not their sons too? Makes sense….

We must recognize that boys/men face unique challenges that girls/women do not. For example,  According to “Child-soldier.org”,  in the last 10 years, over two million child soldiers ranging from the ages of 4-15 years old, have been killed in combat. In places where child soldiers are used, more than 95% of the time, the soldiers will be boys. In fact, the military draft, including the United States, only targets men. In most countries, women are not required to sign up for conscription.

As far as genital mutilation is concerned, over 70% of newborn male babies are circumcised. A process that is not medically necessary and causes extreme pain and disfigurement to the male reproductive organs.  The foreskin that is removed contains thousands of nerve-endings, once removed, many pleasure sensing nerves and self-cleaning organisms are removed in the process. After the operation is complete, the hospitals keep the foreskins and use them for other medical procedures. Essentially, they are harvesting free organs, mainly because this sort of mutilation is socially acceptable. However, when we discuss “Female Circumcisions”, then suddenly it becomes a human rights issue.

Boys who will later turn in men are subject to many shocking statistics. Men live up to 3-5 years less than women. Men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide. Twice as likely to file for Bankruptcy due to societies demands on them to be “bread-winners”, and 1 in 7 men will end up in a relationship with an abusive woman. While many governments sponsor domestic violence shelters for women, none exist for the male counter-parts.

Men who fight for legal custody of their children will only win 7% of the time, and only after spending upwards to $30K on lawyer fees. Men are often alienated from their children in family law courts. While the courts have created agencies that enforce child-support and tend to favor custody towards women, the struggles of fathers and having enforced access to their children and/or receiving financial assistance from the government is almost unheard of; hence why there is a Child Support Enforcement Agency but there is no Child Visitation Enforcement Agency. This alienation not only causes severe depression in fathers who are alienated from their sons, but also for the children being alienated. Men are almost always the targets in cases where one parent is alienating the child from the other parent because custody is rarely granted to men to begin with. Boys who grow up with fathers are much more likely to end up as criminals,sexual deviants, and/or less successful in their jobs.

Men’s contributions are also ignored in the professional field.

Men are also more likely to take on higher-paying but also higher-risk jobs such as demolitions, military, law enforcement, construction, high-rise window cleaners, public sanitation, and oil-rig operators. Jobs that come with many health-risks. While women do exist in these fields, their numbers are very low.

Girls face unique challenges, especially in sexually charged situations. Girls also face workplace discrimination because employers fear that once they become mothers, they will not devote time to their work, thus they sometimes avoid hiring them. Is this fair? Absolutely not! In no way, shape, or form am I marginalizing the struggles that girls and women face. They are real!

But, have we gotten so focused on developing the rights of girls and women that boys and men have been chopped down in the process? This is why Nalini-Global prefers the term of “Universal Human Rights” instead of women’s rights, men’s rights, immigrants rights, ect…

The bottom line is, “HUMANS” have rights! If we are only capable of fighting for the rights of those people who look and feel as we do, then we inadvertently become discriminatory ourselves. For the misogynists who claims that “women should get back in the kitchen”, and for the misandry Feminists who calm that “Men are nothing more than sperm donors to us.” , are both proponents of extremism.

Instead of having a Women’s Rights March or a “Men’s Rights March”, why not have a “Gender Equality” march that addresses the grievances of both men and women? Because there is a bias! It is easy to fight for the rights of those who look like us. But, if we truly believe in equality, we must also ask that our sisters support their brothers, and our brothers support their sisters.

Should we celebrate mothers, girls, and women in general for the contributions that they give to our society and to our homes? Absolutely!

Should we celebrate fathers, boys, and men in general for the contributions that they give to our society and to our homes? Absolutely!

I don’t want to live in a gender neutral society. There are differences between men and women. We are not biologically equal. Both sexes contain physical and mental advantages and disadvantages. Let us start by celebrating the things that make women and men unique, and start talking about the things that negatively impact women and men.  We may be separate in our biology, but in our spirits, and our claim to human rights, we are absolutely equal!

So to our boys who will someday become men…

Thank you for being strong, masculine, and determined. We celebrate your masculinity and we fathers will also love and support you. We will help you become strong leaders, loyal husbands, hard workers, and diligent advocates for social change. Keep up the good work.



-Randell D Stroud

Dedicated to Eli Ross Sayson.

Latinos Protest Record-Breaking Obama Deportations


Last Friday, approximately 15-25 Immigrants and sympathizers, marched alongside the “Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition” to speak out against the practice of deportation. Under the Obama administration, deportations have reached record numbers, almost twice as many than that under President Bush.

Mexican Americans and latinos have began to rescind their support for President Obama.  After the U.S. backed gun smuggling scandal coined, “Operation Fast And Furious”, which lead to many Mexican deaths, and now record numbers of deportations being made against latinos, the tone has changed from support to fear in regards to this administration.

Our team approached respectfully and courteously holding our “Fight 4 World Peace” signature sign, and was met with smiles,high-fives, and was invited to walk alongside them. Police carefully monitored the event, yet the protesters were respectful and paid no mind. After the event was over, everyone peacefully dispersed, including the police, without incident.

Watch the video above as one of the organizers who went by the name of “Veronica”, came to the logical conclusion that humans are not “Aliens from another planet”, but “Human beings who have the right to move and travel. I believe that President Obama can stop this.”   As the birds move to more fertile grounds without violence or regulation during the change of seasons, we must ask ourselves….

Have humans de-humanized themselves? What separates us? Before the invention of maps, borders, countries, citizenry, and other artificial constructs, what did it mean to be “human” and were early humans even conscious of their humanity? Perhaps their unconsciousness was a blessing in disguise as their lack of perception made it difficult to distinguish. Now, with our supposed superior intellect, we distinguish from one another with such harshness and disregard to a human’s will and necessity to not only survive, but thrive.

Tennessee has become a popular immigration destination in recent years to Egyptian, Nepali, and Latino sub-groups.  Put yourself in their shoes. What if the conditions here become what is there? What would you do? When we strip away language, nationality, and religion, what are we left with? Humans who are seeking food, clothing, shelter and most importantly……social bonding with other loving and welcoming humans.

If  we are to live in such a regulated society, can we not atleast make the transition from one place to another more practical, humanizing, and streamlined?

The only thing that separates us from the animals is the belief that we are separate. We think of being as a separate species makes us superior, but in what ways?….in what ways? One reason can no longer be enough. We can do better than this…


-Nalini Global