Is hate-speech considered Free-Speech?

  On October 28th, 2017, a rally will be held in Shelbyville,Tn. The rally is called, "White Lives Matter" lead by a group of White Nationalists. An event that I want no part of. Being a Tennessean myself, I know the history of my state very well. Tennessee,Georgia, and Alabama are cradles for The Ku … Continue reading Is hate-speech considered Free-Speech?

Kentucky Police Department tests the 4th Amendment

To: Paducah Police Chief, Brandon Barnhill- From: Nalini-Global-  The Paducah Police Department of Kentucky has recently launched a new initiative known as the, "Lock it or Lose it" campaign. Officers will now be encouraged to conduct sweeps around the city to check vehicles parked on public property, to see if they are properly … Continue reading Kentucky Police Department tests the 4th Amendment