Our mission is to provide independent research and legal services for those suffering from human rights abuses in the areas of work-place discrimination, human rights abuses issued by governments, and other areas such as family law, and contract review for businesses, individuals, and entertainers/athletes.

Our secondary mission is to provide education and advocacy to the general public regarding human rights, legal principles, and spiritually uplifting messages through motivational speaking. 

Lastly, as the owner,  Randell Stroud is certified in investigations, forensics, and several forms of martial arts, we also include bodyguard services and investigative services for those in danger or for missing persons.

Whether you need a contract reviewed, a paralegal to help you conduct legal research, or someone to speak at your event,  Nalini-Global caters to all! The legal system can be a tough arena to navigate, yet, with our guidance, I believe Nalini-Global can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  • Randell Stroud- Owner of Nalini-Global 2019