Human Rights Reporting


Here we will post and link our reports regarding Human Rights Violations that have occurred both domestically and abroad:

If you would like us to conduct a shadow-report regarding any possible human rights violations, please send inquires to –

Shadow Report#1- California (Civil Asset Forfeiture Practices)(Submitted to the ACLU) (2016)

Shadow Report#2: Global Trafficking In Family Law Courts (Original report contains an additional 27 pages containing  an International  complaint with classified US District Federal court records; not yet redacted for public viewing.- The report listed above alongside the classified documents, were sent to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva,Switzerland, office on 3/8/2017 for  judicial review.) On 8/4/2017, This report was faxed to The United Nations  New York Division in regards to CEDAW. On 8/9/2017, The report was mailed to , The United States Department of Justice.

Purchase the official book here (Click here) that includes the report with tips on how to deal with family law courts.


Nalini-Global featured on the Marc Echols Radio show discussing Global Human Trafficking in the Family Law courts Report- (Click here)   – introduced at the 7 minute mark.

Other Reports:

#1: 8/16/2017- Nalini-Global Submitted  Testimonial Comments on Cannabadiol-  International Drug Scheduling; Convention on Psychotropic Substances; Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs; Ocfentanil, Carfentanil, Pregabalin, Tramadol, Cannabidiol, Ketamine, and Eleven Other Substances; Request for Comments  –

ID: FDA-2017-N-4515-0291 (Docket #)

Tracking Number: 1k1-8y3x-1rgt

8/18/2017- Secondary Comments sent to Secretariat – International Drug Scheduling


#2: Kentucky- Paducah Police Department 4th Amendment Review

Lock it Lose it Program-Review on the 4th Amendment Practices 

Submitted to KPPD-  8/18/2017


#3: Nashville Metro Council Hearing on Civil Asset Forfeiture Appropriation Bill.

Submitted 10/17/2017  – Status- Deferred.

한국 청정 대기 행동–  한국 청정 대기 행동 (Korea Clean Air Action 2019)
By: Randell D Stroud on behalf of Nalini-Global
Submitted to:
3/20/2019 to

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