Investigative/Research Services

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I have 10 years experience in Legal research as Paralegal in family law, constitutional law, and contract law. I have also worked as a private investigator locating individuals and conducting background checks. Consulting spouses on tactics to catch a cheater are also one of my specialties. If you need legal research for a case or to get a consultation on investigating a matter- please reach out!

I look forward to hearing from you and aiding you in your quest to find the truth and get answers! Book a project with us or a 1-hour phone call.


Randell Stroud

Packages and Pricing: 

CONDUCT CYBER INVESTIGATIONS/LEGAL RESEARCH:  Do you need legal research or to investigate the background of an individual? Hire us today!

*Phone consultation will be handled by a consultant- NOT an attorney (unless you are a member of our legal insurance program). Any advice given will be considered as friendly advice and NOT as legal advice , if you seek legal advice, seek out a licensed attorney through our legal insurance program offered on our “legal services” page.