Debt Relief Services

The United States debt clock shows that our government is currently over 17 TRILLION dollars in debt, whereas a large percentage of that debt does include personal consumer debt.  Credit card bills, students loans, child support arrears, tax debt, creditors coming after collateral, repo men coming after your car?

What do you do? Where do you go? Do you file bankruptcy? Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? If I am sued over a credit card debt, should I go to court and fight or is it a waste of time? If I get garnished by a creditor will it effect my employment status? How about my credit score?

When a person finds themselves in overwhelming debt, millions of questions begin to run their minds. In fact, many surveys show that “debt” ranks high as being one of the top reasons why Americans are STRESSED! Stress leads to health problems which leads to medical bills, which leads to further financial hardship.

I am a bankruptcy specialist. My job is to communicate with creditors! I have been doing this for many years now. In fact, I myself have even found myself in their cross-hairs when I suffered a medical scare a few years back. Being in debt and receiving those threatening letters and constant phone calls only serve to raise your stress levels even further. This is why I have decided to compile a “Debt relief package”. (With basic instructions included). Settling a debt or deferring the payment of a debt isn’t as hard as you think.  In some cases you can even get the debt forgiven in its entirety!

My “Creditor Defense Package” includes sample letters and reference copies of ACTUAL documents that were used in cases I handled! I understand that most people do not have years of legal training or paralegal work experience under their belt. Thus, I did my best to construct this “defense package” in a way that the average person could make sense of the process of negotiating the terms of a debt and/or weighing the consequences of signing a reaffirmation agreement.

Regardless of who the creditor is, there are remedies for you! Whether you want to file bankruptcy, settle the debt, or defer it, it would be in your best interest to consult an expert! E-mail me at  , tell me your issue and let’s schedule a consultation. If you already feel confident in talking to creditors, but need paper work examples,  then skip the consultation and pick up my Creditor Defense Package!

I look forward to hearing from you and aiding you in your quest to reduce your debt and get back to living a stress-free life!



Packages and Pricing: 

Creditor Defense Package: $50 –  Includes an example to “Answer ” a lawsuit, Discovery request for evidence, a Debt settlement offer letter example, Motion of continuance template, a free e-book, “30 keys to Deal with Creditors”, and much more!

1- hour Phone Consultation: $50 –  Tell me your debt issue, and we will do the research for you while offering friendly suggestions! Our bankruptcy specialists have years of experience in dealing with creditors. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn new tactics and hone your strategy to resolve or reduce your debts!

To purchase, go to the “Donate” page, donate the proper amount, then send us an e-mail for further instructions.

*Phone consultation will be handled by a Bankruptcy debt specialist, NOT an attorney (unless you are a member of our legal insurance program). Any advice given will be considered as friendly advice and NOT as legal advice unless you speak with our LegalShield attorneys, if you seek legal advice, seek out a licensed attorney through our legal insurance program offered on our “legal services” page.