Expert Consulting Services

Do you need a general consultation without purchasing an insurance program? Do you have a business and need direction in marketing/advertising? Are you having trouble in a legal process and want to know your options? Do you want to learn how to conduct legal research on your own? Do you need help finding resources to your questions? Set up an appointment for a 1 hour consultation. All advice given will be for educational purposes only, not to be construed as legal advice.

  1. E-mail us at  with a general summary of your issue.
  2. Wait for our response and offer of assistance/details
  3. E-mail us back to confirm time/schedule for telephonic consult where we will assess your situation and give our friendly opinion.
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Speaking services:

Do you want to hire/invite me to give a lecture?  Please e-mail me for further details.

Do you need an expert witness to testify in your trial?

I am an expert in Bankruptcy, Family Law, and International Law as well as political theory. I am certified by Penn Foster Career College and by Duke University. My other experiences come from personal working experiences, on the job training, and personal study.

Do you need a report or legal research compiled? 

I am an expert writer and excellent researcher.

Do you need advice on how to run a successful political campaign as a candidate? 

I have ran as a candidate on two separate occasions and have absorbed a wealth of knowledge in the process.

Would you like my personal friendly opinion on a legal matter? 

I am not a licensed attorney, I cannot offer legal advice, if you seek legal advice, you must seek out a licensed attorney. HOWEVER, I can offer my own personal and friendly opinions on a legal or political topic.