(Founder of Nalini-Global, Randell Stroud, giving testimony to the Nashville City Council regarding Gentrification in 2017) 


” Serving the Community. Promoting Cultural Unity. And protecting the lawful rights of individuals and businesses; both domestically and abroad.” – Randell Stroud, owner of Nalini-Global

“Nalini”, a Sanskrit word roughly translating as “lotus”, is very symbolic in east-Asian lore. The lotus symbolizes the struggle to enlightenment. In order for a lotus to reach full-bloom, its journey begins in muddy waters as a hard-shelled seed. Once the seed is lightly cracked, it slowly begins to sprout, rising through the mud, slowly up into the water, and eventually a small lily pad surfaces upon open air laying gently on the water. From here, the lily pad soaks up the sun’s rays and begins to sprout a vessel that will eventually house a beautiful lotus flower that closes at night, and opens during the day.

This journey represents the struggles that a human must go through in order to reach a place of enlightenment whereas a beautiful soul will have developed despite the adversity it had to go through in order to reach such a point.

“Nalini-Global” is an American based organization that was spearheaded by a chance encounter between a dedicated American-born Cambodian philanthropist, and a local paralegal, political activist, and boxing instructor, Randell Stroud, who both shared a love for Asian culture, philosophy, and human rights advocacy.  Our partners, having a background in business and law, strive to produce top consultants in areas like marketing, insurance, business development, legal representation, family law, traffic law, international law, civil law, criminal law, and of course…..human rights advocacy.

Engaging in the practice of writing shadow reports for human rights organizations domestically and abroad is one of our go-to tactics in protecting human rights. It is important for us to utilize both domestic and international legal channels to tackle pressing issues that affect humanity. Our team is dedicated towards being a global-defender and educational source for those who feel excluded from society and/or the justice system or those who simply have a story to tell that seems to only fall upon deaf ears. We are here to help regardless of who comes knocking on our door!  If we are not able to help, we have a powerful network of allies that can assist us in pointing you to the right direction!

Lastly, we are firm believers in building coalitions with established law firms and human rights organizations with good track-records. Our organization is closely linked to several legal advocacy groups like the ACLU, Legal-Shield, and the Immigrants/Refugee Rights Coalition, who promote the protection of civil liberties and individual rights. Our organization will do its best to link our supporters with legal resources to better ensure their safety and personal liberty, whether it be an individual or business.

If you have any legal needs, questions, services, or consultations, give us a call or -email us, and let our organization put your worries to rest!

Hopefully, through these efforts, we can give today’s humanity a promised tomorrow!

  • Nalini-Global Team

Sok sabay,gracias, xie xie, and thank you!

Randell Stroud is an expert in Family Law, Bankruptcy, International Law, and legal theory. Stroud has published many publications on Family Law, Religious Philosophy, and Political Theory. 

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(Owner of Nalini-Global, runs for office in 2018 commercial!)