5 Bible end times prophecies that are happening!

We are certainly living in dark times these days. With covid19, the war in Ukraine, BLM movement, narcissistic selfie-culture and so forth, the world appears to be on fire! But did you know that the Bible seems to predict these things in great detail?

Look at the following Biblical prophesies that discuss signs of the end times taken directly from the Bible:

  1. There will be wars and rumors of wars- Matthew 24
  2. People will be lovers of pleasure, money, and pride more than God. They will constantly study knowledge but never be able to come to the truth of God. – 2 Timothy chapter 3 (Tiktok- Instagram)
  3. A quart of wheat will no longer be priced at an affordable rate (inflation)- Revelation 6:6
  4. The Euphrates river will dry up during the last days- Revelation 16:12 – (Recently if you do a google search – you’ll see that the Euphrates river has indeed began to dry up!
  5. Famines, diseases and poverty will strike the entire globe” – Luke 21:11 – (Covid-19)

Many will try to shrug off these verses claiming that they are coincidental, while others see these are clear signs that the end is near.

Many scientists are claiming that the Euphrates will dry up around the year 2040. Bible proponents often claim that when this river completely dries up , the 2nd coming and revelation will finally come to pass.

What do you think? Has humanity completely lost its way? Is God’s wrath on humanity finally reaching a point of judgement or do you believe the opposite that humanity is progressing and getting better? With rising divorce rates and immorality — I would argue the former.

Let me know!- Randell Stroud- 2022

  • RANDELL STROUD is a Theological scholar of comparative religion and works as a private investigator and legal researcher. His books can be found on Amazon and major retailers by a google search.

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