Debate: Is Kanye 100% wrong for praising Hitler?

I want to preface this article by saying — Adolf Hitler deserves to go to hell for all of his crimes against humanity and the world is better off without him.

With that being said, we must take under consideration Kanye’s words —

“I like Hitler. And we have to stop hating on Nazis so much. They invented microphones, ect…” – ” All humans have done some good. Hitler built highways for his people.”

While I think Kanye’s words lack serious polishing, we must consider some key points.

  1. The US government did hire Nazi engineers after WW2 to develop tech for them
  2. Hitler was partially responsible for the Volkswagen and created homeless shelters for the poor and even sick animals.
  3. US president George Bush is responsible for 1.2 million deaths of Iraqis yet still walks free among us and has a library named in his honor.

I mean, humans are complicated figures. Every human has some good and evil next to their names. I understand Kanye’s point, but the way he delivered it was very harsh and unsympathetic to those who survived Hitler’s Holocaust.

Praising someone’s individual achievements are one thing, but to endorse their character is quite another. Is it possible to hate R-Kelly for abusing women but still love his music?

Kanye is treading on thin ice— his message was nearly insightful and spiritual yet he fumbled big time in my opinion. Trying to see the “whole person” is a good thing, but some people have just crossed too far a line.

what do you guys think? The interview does get worse in which Kanye denies the Holocaust ever happened. Heroes and villains often share blurry lines, but this incident seems far too clear — Kanye was in the wrong.

Alas, we must also be careful not to throw stones in our glass houses.

watch the full interview with Alex Jones and be the judge:

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