Flu shots will use mRNA technology- Skeptics weigh in:

A Flu shot using MRNA (Mesenger RNA) technology is now being produced in lab studies conducted in Pennsylvania. The study was published Thursday in the journal of Science. The senior author is Scott Hensley, a professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania. The experimental vaccine that was tested was made by Penn immunologist Drew Weissman, one of the pioneers of mRNA vaccines.

Traditional vaccines use a piece of the dead virus which is injected into the body, whereas the body learns to recognize and ward it off later. However, mrRNA based vaccines use a copy of the protein synthetized from the virus itself. mRNA vaccines work by introducing a piece of mRNA that corresponds to a viral protein, usually a small piece of a protein found on the virus’s outer membrane. There is a draw-back to this method- – which is mainly an increase in myocarditis ( heart inflammation). In essence, mRNA vaccines arent truly a “vaccine” but more of a therapy if to be frank.

Many vaccine hesitant recipients state that the death chance of catching Covid is less than 1% for those under the age of 50 and with no co-morbidities (obesity, high blood pressure, low vitamin-D levels, ect.) Whereas, the chance for side-effects from Vaccines are roughly 1-5% based on varying opinions. Influenza survival states are relatively the same.

Instead of injecting one’s self with these experimental vaccines. why doesn’t the media promote reducing co-morbidities? As shown in the newly released film “Died suddenly” — since the inception of the mRNA covid vaccine, sudden deaths due to blood clots, miscarriages and unknown causes- are at a 1200% increase than what we saw prior to year 2020. Many are seeing a correlation between the two.

Many studies also show that those are were overweight were about 15-20% more likely to die from catching Covid than those who werent according to Science.org. Having low levels of Vitamin D, excessive alcohol consumption, and other factors also contribute to mortality cases in both Covid and the Flu.

Moderna and Pfizers stock went up over 1000% in the fiscal year 2020. Will a mRNA based Flu shot help replicate that financial gain? Or even worse, will it continue to contribute to the rise in side-effects such as blood-clots, lack of menstrual periods, and miscarriages? When will we let go of the evil grip which has its claws deep in our economy, governments, and personal health?

I’m not for banning vaccines —- but these mandates and pushses from the media seem almost “Orwellian” to the point where we are being brainwashed. More than 50,000 troops (active, reserve, and guard combined) have been affected by the vaccine mandate- essentially putting them at risk of loosing their careers. Its always the poor and the soliders who give their lives to defend the principles of a nation that are always experimented on first. Will you be the next to be experimented on?

What to do you think? Will you take the new mRNA flu vaccine which claims to be more effective? Have you already taken the Covid vaccine? Regardless of what you do —– diligently research and think before injecting anything in your body.


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  • Randell Stroud