3 Signs they are cheating

We have all been there before…. that sinking feeling in your heart that your significant other may be cheating on you or atleast talking with someone else. We live in a day and age where we have seemingly unlimited access to eachother thanks to the internet. Below I will discuss 3 red flags that your partner may be cheating:

  1. Air-plane mode: This is a big one that goes unnoticed by most. If your partner is putting their phone on airplane (silent) mode while spending time with you — there is a 90% chance they are talking with other people. The #1 way cheaters get caught is by a late night call or texts that alarms the other partner. To avoid any interruptions — they put their phone on silent mode. If you discover their phone is on silent mode — you should question your partner why they do this and demand them not have it on silent or demand an explanation.

2. They fell asleep? : If you call your partner at 8:00pm and they don’t return your call or text until the next day because “they were asleep” … this could be a red flag , especially if its consistently happening. If my girlfriend calls me, the ringing will wake me up and I’ll answer — even if just to tell her I’m tired and sleeping. If this only happens once every so often, maybe you can overlook it. But if it is consistently a problem– they are cheating or you are simply not a priority in their life in which you should find a new girl/guy who has time for you .

3. Bathroom calls: — “no cell phones in the bathroom” should be a standard rule in relationships. It’s the perfect excuse to have a private moment for a cheater to text a secret lover or make a quick call in the middle of the night without you noticing. The only excuse to bring a cell phone into the bathroom is to maybe take a shower while listening to music. Other than this , a phone should enter the bathroom with you, especially late at night– it is suspicious behavior.

While these rules are just general principles, from my experience, these actions usually indicate cheating behaviors. If you notice any of these behaviors, don’t panic. Communicate your concerns and watch for any changes in behavior. Sometimes people unknowingly do things, so don’t be quick to jump to conclusions. If they aren’t cheating, they will be willing to accommodate your requests. If they refuse, then your concern can be escalated.

If you think you are being cheated on or suspect suspicious behavior — please hire me as your cyber investigations consultant. I can guide you on how to catch a cheater or figure out if they are likely to. I have 10 years experience as a legal researcher and investigator.

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