Why Americans are wrong about Muslims & Qatar🇶🇦

Last week an American pro LGBTQ supporter was denied entry into a soccer match for wearing a gay pride shirt during the FIFA world cup series held in Qatar. This event has lead to a mass debate on LGBTQ rights and Islam. Many celebrities and western news media outlets have denounced the action and have criticized the nation of Qatar for criminalizing homosexual lifestyles.

As a westerner, we tend to grow up with values that are divorced from religion. We have a “Do whatever feels good” attitude. Alas, this is not the attitude of all nations. Just as our foreign policy meddles in the military affairs of other nations, so too do our moral values.(Or lack of.)

Since when do Americans get to take the role of moral arbiter around the world? It’s the same with feminism. To an American, a woman who wears a bikini is “liberated “, but to Muslims it is objectifying and disrespectful to her sexuality. To them, we are the backwards ones!

If you love western values, live in the west. But when you dwell in the house of Qatar, you must operate within their culture. It’s no different than walking into another man’s home and being offended that he asked you to remove your shoes.

While I certainly have my opinions on the matter, I feel that Qatar and its officials were well within their rights to discriminate the same way we Americans discriminate against those who try to teach religion in school or those who refuse to get a covid shot. It’s their law, and their culture. Deal with it!

Those who preach tolerance are rarely ever tolerant but only wish others to be tolerant of their own proclivities whilst demonizing those with dissenting opinions.

In Dubai, all citizens get a free house and fully FUNDED HEALTHCARE. Divorce and criminal theft rates are nearly zero. Perhaps we are the savages to the Muslim nations. Perhaps even a so-called enemy has a good reason for believing the way they operate is just. However, these conversations are best held in neutral places like Twitter or Diplomatic and officially scheduled meetings….. not in the middle of a soccer game in a foreign country.

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