Tyron Woodley Coach,Din Thomas, says, “Jake Paul wont last 2 minutes”.

UFC veteran and coach of Tyron woodley, Din Thomas– full interview

April 22: 2021

I recently had the pleasure to speak with UFC veteran and current coach of Tyron woodley, Din “Din-Yero” Thomas, while he was promoting the current UFC 261 event happening this Saturday in Jacksonville,FL. We discussed a plethora of topics including his ongoing rival with the boxing community. Thomas, years ago famously called out undefeated boxing hall of famer, Floyd Mayweather JR., to a fight, to which Mayweather smartly declined.

Once upon a time,Thomas also challenged boxing legend, Ricardo Mayorga, to an MMA fight, yet the fight never happened due to promoters pulling out at the last second, to which Thomas himself suspects it was because Don King feared for the reputation of boxing’s effectiveness and reputation.

“Boxers never really respected MMA. They always thought we were garbage brawlers. But, I’ve always been on the front line to represent MMA” says Thomas.

Thomas also weighed in on Youtuber/Celebrity Boxer,Jake Paul, making waves in the MMA world by calling out Tyron Woodley.

“Jake is an athletic guy. He has decent Amateur skills. But he picks his opponents carefully.” Says Din.

When I asked who would win between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley in an MMA fight and in a boxing match, Din Thomas had this to say…

“In MMA, Tyron tears him apart in under two minutes. In boxing, well, Jake’s young and a good athlete, so he might last 3 rounds, but it could end even earlier if he catches him with his “T-Bomb”.

Din goes on to say that the rivalry between MMA and boxing is unnecessary as he is a fan of both sports. He also gave a prediction for Tyson Fury VS Anthony Joshua, for which he is betting on Fury to win as he says he is the “slicker boxer”.

We went on to discuss other topics such as -what it takes to be a good coach, his reasons for separating from American Top Team academy, and how the sport of MMA has evolved over the years. If you want to listen to the entirety of our conservation, please subscribe to the Nalini-Global podcast and listen by clicking the link below. – Randell Stroud, Nalini-Global

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