Is the Cancel culture bias?


Ask Sarah Jeong, New York Times reporter who constantly makes fun of whites on Twitter, but was never fired.

Many white celebrities have been fired for making jokes about black athletes or publically criticizing the black community. However, as mentioned above with the Sarah Jeong case, it seems as if society can clown on the whiteness with impunity. Some would argue that there are no negative stereotypes towards white humans, but let us further investigate.

The rejection of white people and the things we hear:

“You can’t dance”

“This food has no flavor, a white person must have made it.”

“You are the decendant of rapists and land stealers”

“White men can’t jump”

“White people are lame nerds”

“You never worked hard for anything you have”

“You have never feared for your life.”

“My order was incorrect, I demand compensation, this store is racist.”

“You’re untalented”

” You just disagree with me because I’m not white! Racist!”

“Anything white people invented, a black man invented it first, he just didnt get credit for it.”

“You’re listening to rap music? That’s cultural appropriation!”

“You’ve never experienced living somewhere as a minority”

“White people didnt contribute to building this country”

“Being white should be taxed to pay black and brown people reparations.”

“White people can’t fight, that’s why they invented the UFC”- Boxer Floyd Mayweather

“White people have flat asses!”
“White people are corny”
“White people have no style”
“White churches are boring”
“White people cant sing”

“White people don’t get brutalized by police”

“White people get everything handed to them”

“If you disagree with me, you’re racist”

“If you vote for Relublicans, you’re a racist or an uncle Tom”

” I’m ashamed of being white! I hate being white!”

” white people have no culture of their own that’s why they steal others”

“White people have small penises”

“White people smell like cabbage”

” Look at that white woman complain, she must be a Karen!”

” Look at that white man dating a black woman, stealing our sistas!”

“Too many white people live here, we need more diversity.”

” Trailer Park Trash”

“White Trash”

“White people have no lips!”

” White people are weak, that’s why they get sunburned”

” They hired that white guy instead, that’s racist”

” He made an insensitive tweet, get him fired!”

” White people are goblins who cant live in the sun”- New York Times editor- Sarah Jeong

******This post isn’t meant to stir hate. Racism or insults towards any ethnicity is one sided and ignorant. But, if you are white, you DO have a culture from the European countries of Spain, England, France, Russia and beyond. Being white doesnt make you better nor inferior. Stand for civil rights. Speak up for your black, brown, and Asian brothers and sisters but never apologize for being white. We are beautiful too! You don’t have to put down white people to show that you support other races.”— Randell Stroud.