We need balance in politics more than ever.

Are you Republican or Democrat? Are you left-wing or right wing? Do you support Obama or Bush? Are you liberal or conservative? Are you socialist or capitalist? In terms of extreme spectrums, we have communism (Society comes first) VS libertarian style Capitalism (The individual comes first). Depending on which news media outlets you watch, the world is either for you or against you. Communism is the answer, or capitalism is the answer. The more articles you read, the more it enforces your bias for or against it. Depending on the articles you read or the videos you watch, you believe one thing or another, it all depends on what you’re feeding your brain. Just how bias are you?

Pepsi Vs Coke

Communism is the ultimate society in terms of having your most basic needs met. Everything is given to you by the government. Clothes, housing, food, a job….you don’t have to think, because the “hive-mind” of society will do it for you! There is only one draw back— you have absolutely no individual choice or freedom! Your input or desire for self-determination is second to the good of society.

On the opposite end, you have anarchism or libertarianism. A society where government is almost non-existent. If you can’t manage to establish friendships or build a business, you are left cold in the wind, left with the burden of making thousands of choices with little or no help. Healthcare, transportation, education, food, housing, clothing, —- basically without friends or family— You’re on your own! This system works well in a society with conservative and family values, but is failing us in a modern society that rejects a sense of community and Godliness.

While many Republicans or Libertarians preach the concept of self-reliance, only 8% of Americans are self-employed. Even fewer grow their own food, and even fewer refuse to use any government provided services such as courts or public education services. We are all “sellouts” if you think about it to some degree or another.

When our lives are totally secure, yet there is no freedom, you have a prison. When we have total freedom yet no security, we become nothing but emotional vagrants. We all seek attachment, something to be bound and responsible towards, especially us men, we are literally valued by our ability to conquer and be responsible. Yet too many of these responsibilities brings us a sense of claustrophobia. Yet, when a man is being subsidized and totally free of any obligations, he begins to feel suicidal and devoid of any purpose. If a man had to choose between ultimate freedom and ultimate security (i.e. Prison), he would choose the prison, for atleast then he would have a place to belong. The patriots were wrong. The assassins were wrong.

The order of the light, while occasionally getting in the way of the notion of “freedom”, ultimately had the more pragmatic end goal of ushering in global security rather than global freedom. A wise man, my father, Ronnie Stroud, once told me…. “Son, more than freedom, everyone wants security. Without security, there is no sense of inner peace. And without inner peace, there can be no happiness”. How right he was…. the anarchist pipe dream of “total freedom” is for those who have already found the luxury of freedom or who have fallen so far in the pits of society, that they have nothing to lose anyway. Anarchy is just a temporary transition between the old order and the new order.

People crave Anarchy when the state or society gets too powerful or isn’t running things to the good of society. So naturally, we seek to burn it down. For a few months or years, society is splintered, but eventually, society seeks unity once again, whereas councils, organizations, and public laws are restored albeit in a reformed way. Even those, such as the Amish, or the native tribesmen who live outside of modern governed societies, still seek leadership. Humans are pack animals, we work best in groups. Even in hyper-individualistic/narcissistic western societies, it is still universally agreed upon that we need courts, police, and public law.

The anarcho-capitalist, who says that market places and technology can replace government are merely replacing human overlords with mechanical ones. Robots and technologies must be programmed by humans who will inherently inprint a bias upon them as well. At no point in mammalian history has an organism been completely solitary or individualized. If we spend too much time around crowds and people, we may retreat to our bedrooms for an afternoon for some alone time, perhaps binge-watch some Youtube videos or read a book. Alas, after a day or two, we will be itching to reunite with humanity.

Humans are naturally social creatures. Connecting with, talking to, hugging, kissing, sharing, buying, selling, …. cooperative activities bring us joy! While humans can annoy us, and socializing does require energy and strategy, it is ultimately something we all want. Having too many friends is a far better problem than having too few friends. I know many men who are only friends with their wives and have no circle outside of the home. This is worrisome to me. Socialism has gotten very popular due to our lack of physical socializing.

60 years ago, we didn’t need socialism become communities voluntarily helped eachother out. Churches cared for the sick, and neighbors took in the poor. Yet, as atheism, sexual liberation, and social media took hold on society, the individual became the highest focus. As a result, most of us are lonely because of it. We use social media and technology to connect to others, yet ironically, we are more separated than ever.

Pride in country, culture, language, religion — having shared values is almost seen as bigoted these days. Globalism has taught us that consumerism is the new “world culture”, the new “world-religion”. Humans have always desired to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Whether it was being a part of a tribe, a religion, an army, an order, or a fraternity.

I reject hyper individualism while also rejecting the notion of communism which views humans as being mere ants in a hive-mind. There is a middle ground. This is why I am calling for a resurgence in moderate politics. We need to get off the left wing and the right wing of politics, and ride on the back of common sense.

With no real viable third parties being allowed on the ballots, we need to remove all political parties as George Washington once warned that political parties were more dangerous than standing armies!

To be frank, any politician from 1776-2012, would be considered a conservative by today’s liberal standard. And any Republican conservative today would be considered a hard-core liberal by any of the founding fathers. Endless wars, bailouts, runaway spending, selfie-culture, scandals, abortions, divorce, loose morality, corruption— there is no hope in the Republican or Democratic parties, we can only place faith in God and in Individuals who work on behalf of society. Not those who work in a group on behalf of themselves.

  • Randell D Stroud
  • Nalini-Global

Black Lives Matter says”Fathers don’t Matter”

June 7th- 2020

Father teaching his son to be a strong man

Just when you thought Black Lives Matter couldn’t get any more left winged by calling for defunding and disbanding all police departments across America, they are now advocating for fatherless homes, or atleast stating that fathers are “optional.”

According to their official website at https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-we-believe/

They claim to want to destroy male centered “patriarchy” (The belief that men hold all of the advantages in society), and to remove the western held belief of a “Nuclear family” (i.e. a home containing both a mother and father). They are also against “heteronormative thinking”, according to their statement. .

In their mission statement, they make several promises to support trans women, women of color, black people in general, LBGTQ, mothers….and “parents”. A deliberate avoidance of the word “fathers” and men.

From Blacklivesmatter.com-

As we can see, they have spelled out their agenda clearly. They feel shame and disgust towards anything that is heterosexual, white, male, or traditional in values such as nuclear families and marriage.

Is this the message we should be preaching to the Black community where fatherless homes make up over 70% of all households? The white community isnt fairing much better clocking in at over Half! According to “United Families International”, an organization that studies the relationship between children and parents, discovered that “boys who grow up without fathers are almost 4 times more likely to serve time in prison than those who grow up with a father.

Speaking of prison, men make up over 75% of the federal prison population whereas almost all inmates report not having a stable father figure. Studies also suggest that women receive lighter sentences for the same crime committed by men, do the “Damsel in Distress” Stereotype.

BLM frequently preaches against male privilege yet ignores that less than 12% of men win custody of their kids in divorces and more than half lose contact with this kids within two years after divorce.

Men who experience divorce are twice as likely than women to be forced into bankruptcy and 6 times more likely to be at risk for suicide. Currently over 70% of all homeless people in the US are men. Over 90% of all illegal child soldiers in the world are boys.

Boys are also at an all time low for college enrollment. Girls are outpacing boys in college enrollment at nearly 2 to 1 ratios. Societies war against masculinity has caused a generation of weak, subservient men who are still being drafted into wars in order to fight on everyone else’s behalf.

This generation is obsessed with “progress”, yet no shame or respect for anything that is traditional or Godly in any sense of the world. The days of a strong man/warrior/protector with a nurturing, loving mother are soon to be long gone.

In closing, perhaps we should all check out privilege, especially if you live in the USA, whereas half of the world is living on less than $1 a day in addition to continued slavery practices in central & East Africa, Eatern Europe, and South east Asia.

Even the lowest class citizen of USA has a higher standard of life than someone in Somalia, Uganda, Ukraine Cambodia, or Yugoslavia.

The worst part is, BLM claims to speak for black America but ignores its conservative black constituents. I’ll say this….you can protest against police brutality, seek Justice for George Floyd, call for the arrest of Derek Chauvin, and denounce racism…. you can even say ” Black Lives Matter”, but under all means, if you have any respect for conservative traditional ways of living, and you respect the men in your life, I would not recommend financially supporting this specific organization.

-Nalini-Global 2020

Cops protest “Quota System”

June 5th 2020

Former officer of the Auburn Police Department in Alabama, Justin Hanners says …

“I became a police officer to protect my community and serve people. Not to bully and harass in order to generate revenue. I was horrified when I found out I had a quota of a certain amount of tickets or arrests I must make. I made complaints to my superiors and was ultimately fired because I saw this injustice.”

Many officers who are both black and white, argue that a quota system encourages them to go after poor people who cannot properly defend themselves in court. Officers are under constant stress of losing their jobs if they dont meet such quotas.

Watch the YouTube video above for the full story.



Is the Cancel culture bias?


Ask Sarah Jeong, New York Times reporter who constantly makes fun of whites on Twitter, but was never fired.

Many white celebrities have been fired for making jokes about black athletes or publically criticizing the black community. However, as mentioned above with the Sarah Jeong case, it seems as if society can clown on the whiteness with impunity. Some would argue that there are no negative stereotypes towards white humans, but let us further investigate.

The rejection of white people and the things we hear:

“You can’t dance”

“This food has no flavor, a white person must have made it.”

“You are the decendant of rapists and land stealers”

“White men can’t jump”

“White people are lame nerds”

“You never worked hard for anything you have”

“You have never feared for your life.”

“My order was incorrect, I demand compensation, this store is racist.”

“You’re untalented”

” You just disagree with me because I’m not white! Racist!”

“Anything white people invented, a black man invented it first, he just didnt get credit for it.”

“You’re listening to rap music? That’s cultural appropriation!”

“You’ve never experienced living somewhere as a minority”

“White people didnt contribute to building this country”

“Being white should be taxed to pay black and brown people reparations.”

“White people can’t fight, that’s why they invented the UFC”- Boxer Floyd Mayweather

“White people have flat asses!”
“White people are corny”
“White people have no style”
“White churches are boring”
“White people cant sing”

“White people don’t get brutalized by police”

“White people get everything handed to them”

“If you disagree with me, you’re racist”

“If you vote for Relublicans, you’re a racist or an uncle Tom”

” I’m ashamed of being white! I hate being white!”

” white people have no culture of their own that’s why they steal others”

“White people have small penises”

“White people smell like cabbage”

” Look at that white woman complain, she must be a Karen!”

” Look at that white man dating a black woman, stealing our sistas!”

“Too many white people live here, we need more diversity.”

” Trailer Park Trash”

“White Trash”

“White people have no lips!”

” White people are weak, that’s why they get sunburned”

” They hired that white guy instead, that’s racist”

” He made an insensitive tweet, get him fired!”

” White people are goblins who cant live in the sun”- New York Times editor- Sarah Jeong

******This post isn’t meant to stir hate. Racism or insults towards any ethnicity is one sided and ignorant. But, if you are white, you DO have a culture from the European countries of Spain, England, France, Russia and beyond. Being white doesnt make you better nor inferior. Stand for civil rights. Speak up for your black, brown, and Asian brothers and sisters but never apologize for being white. We are beautiful too! You don’t have to put down white people to show that you support other races.”— Randell Stroud.

Tony Timpa: The White George Floyd?

April 10, 2021

The video above shows Tony Timpa of Dallas, a white man who was killed by aphysixation after having pressure placed on his neck by 4 officers ,one who happened to be black, for nearly 15 minutes. The incident happened about 10 months before the Floyd incident. Sounds like a George Floyd rip off scenario, right? Or is it the other way around?

Timpa later tested posted for cocaine and meth. The officers claimed this was the cause of his sudden death. Timpa’s mother tried to sue the city of Dallas but the case was thrown out. Officers invovled were  acquitted of any wrong doing, even though officers admitted to laughing at Timpa while he began snoring and having seizures while they placed weight on his spine. Yet, the Floyd family was recently granted $27,000,000 dollars by the Minneapolis city government.  The cases nearly identical but different results. Why? The media makes all the difference.

322 white men were killed by police last year, 30 of which were unarmed.

How common is this scenario and why does it not receive the 24/7 footage that a black victim of Police brutality may get? It’s simple. Headlines sale! Much like the headline of this article, news media knows which words will ruffle emotions and get more views even if the headline is bias. (We are all bias- even me).

download (2)

Excessive force by cops against victims both black and white are huge problems in the USA. Over 11,000 people a year die in police confrontations. But why are there no riots, protests, or outrage for non-black victims.

Mainstream media is also dominated by left leaning college educated employees. Conservative leaning journalism and conservative leaning Hollywood actors are more rare than ever before. Let’s be honest, making fun of white people is socially acceotable. (Click here to see common insults hurled towards whites).

#metoo – denounces male privilege without recognizing female privilege (see video below of woman getting rich from false rape accusations)

#blacklivesmatter – denounces white privilege without recognizing self-made problems within the black community

#Equality- denounces the privilege of being heterosexual and undermines traditional relationships and notions of femininity and masculinity.

Black people are not being systemically hunted down by police, but you could argue that poor people are. Stressful arrest/citation quotas encourage cops to patrol poor neighborhoods more aggressively as it is more likely they will get more action in those areas.

Police themselves are also victims of false allegations of brutality as well. Many offenders who have just robbed a store or sold drugs will go limp upon arrest and cry foul. Then an angry mob shows up to film. I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes.

Everyone loves to feel special and compete for victim status—- yet not everyone is so privileged to get the mainstream medias 24/7 attention.

So let’s look below at some cases and see if the “white victims of police brutality” is really such a rare phenomena as liberal activists claim.

Data shows that only 49 unarmed people are killed by police each year. Atleast half are white. And almost all victims of police death are males.

Even if you disagree with my narrative that police brutality isn’t a race problem but a poor training or abuse of power problem, we can easily see “female privilege” in the statistics that women are almost never the victims in police killings.

Alas, unlike mainstream media, that doesnt matter to me. The actions matter. Race, gender, and status are inconsequential to me. All victims are shared in the struggle. Also, it is obscene for the media to declare a war on cops when in fact, 95% of all interactions with police do not result in violence.

For clarity sake, let’s look at the so called “rare cases” of white police brutality victims:

If you think black cops are immune, think again. In black dominated police precincts, incidents of brutality and murder by black cops are comparable to white cops. Below, see these two videos. Two black officers beating another black suspect in Baltimore and another incident involving two black officers shooting a white subway rider.

So, what is the point of this article? To deflect from black victims of police brutality? Absolutley not! Alton Sterling, Mike Brown, George Floyd….all are victims of abuse of power to some degree and the offending officers should be served justice. Say what you want about George Floyd, but officers never checked his vitals, same in the Tony Timpa case, an example of atleast negligence.

The point of this article is to switch the narrative from, “White people are hunting down black people” and “white privilege protects white people from abuse”…..and change that narrative to “Let’s reform and protest police brutality in general”. Change the narrative from one that focuses on race and switch it to the real struggle…

CLASS-WARFARE. The government’s worst nightmare is poor black people teaming up with poor white people to fight income inequality.

Its the powerful vs the weak. When we blame everything wrong with society on whiteness, it creates a natural defense mechanism by disenfranchised low-income whites who feel personally attacked for things they never did. The extreme notion that whites have an easy life is why Trump was elected to begin with. Voting for Trump was simply a protest vote elected by those fed up with politcal correctness.

Personally, I voted for Gary Johnson, but, thats another issue.

A video of a black leader accusing a rich and successful black radio host of having “white privilege” recently made headlines. Once she realizes he is black, she apologizes…but the damage was done. She assumed that because a man was successful, he must have been white, that black people cannot be rich….tell that to Oprah! The new popular trend of hating whiteness in order to seem edgy and cool takes away and divides from our onesness as a human species.

See my article, “How I discovered my White Privilege”.   

In this article, I describe what it’s like growing up as a white guy in a predominantly black city. The fact is, no matter where you go in the world, if you look different from everybody else, you will get treated differently.  As Morgan Freeman once said, ” If we are going to cure racism, we have to stop talking about it–”

Additionally, I will say this. In order to fix police brutality issues, we much change the nature of policing and get rid of quotas! In order for an officer to keep his job, he must arrest or ticket a certain number of people each month. This makes poor people a larger target. If we remove quotas from officers they can spend more time making friendly connections with the community.

Until the issue of race,quotas, and hatred for officers is solved, the problem will never get fixed. Say what you want about cops, but we are better for having them. Despite all the negative press, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be killed by a cop. And on that note, please watch this compilation of good cops performing well!

Lastly, we have this narrative that “if a white person injures a victim of another race, it’s a hate crime, yet when a person of color commits acts of violence against Asians or whites, it’s not?

The #StopAsianHate protests began last month after white American Robert Long shot up an Asian massage parlor. Several people of Asian decent died, and two white women also died but wasnt covered on the media. The media ate up the story framing it as a “white vs asian” hate story.

But, two weeks later, a man shot up a grocery story in colorado, but once the shooter was unidentified as Muslim, the mainstream news media dropped the story.

Also let’s not forget that the famous Virginia tech shooter in 2011 was a Korean exchange student who killed 28 of his fellow white students. Again, the media did not label it a hate crime.

With Covid19 paranoia on the rise, many people have began unfairly targeting Asians and falsely blaming them for bringing Covid19 into the USA. But, according to San Francisco police records, over 80% of hate crimes against Asians were perpetuated by neighboring black residents. Yet, the media seems to selectively publish stories highlighting when the perpetrators  are white, which fuel the narrative that only white people can commit hate crimes.

In conclusion,  racism is a problem in this country due to historical events like slavery and jim crow, but also because we are multicultural nation and this can cause friction because a difference of values and language barriers. In China, racism against black expats are very high. In black cities like Memphis, attacks on white residents are high. In small towns like Big Sandy, Tennessee,  white supremacy groups like the KKK still thrive. Non homogeneous societies will always face friction. Like the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together”. People always flock towards those who have shared values and this causes implicit bias.

Earlier this month, I produced a documentary called, “Cancel White People 2021″. Its a documentary that I was inspired to make after being a victim in a mass shooting in Nashville back in November of 2020. The shooter was black and an anti-white hate group, The Black Hebrew Israelites, were present during the shooting. The media interviewed me, but, again, no mention of racial tensions. Below I will include a link to the documentary which highlights racism against black,white, muslim, and Asian americans yet ends on a positive note showing stories that overcome racism. The fact is, 90% of the time, humans tend to get along, yet the media, with its 24 hour a day production of hateful stories, will have you believe that we are living in a warzone, but it’s simply not true. The world can be a beautiful place, it just depends on where you place your vision.

Watch my documentary below and let me know what you think. – –

Randell D Stroud 2021

Watch “Cancel White People” click here.

Breaking: footage of George Floyd resisting arrest & dropping drugs

CNN falsely reports that George Floyd did not resist arrest– when in fact he did.

June 3rd 2020

CNN, MSNBC and many other mainstream media outlets have been reporting on the George Floyd case. A 46-year old unarmed black man who was killed by a white officer police Dereck Chauvin who obviously used unjustifed excessive force by placing his entire body weight on Floyd’s neck while restraining him.

Floyd used a fake $20 bill to purchase cigarettes at a Minneapolis convenience store that prompted a cashier to call police after the cashier followed him to his SUV to ask for the item back, Floyd refused. The cashier reported to police that Floyd was belligerent and reaked of alcohol.

CNN and other news outlets reported that Floyd did not resist arrest and attempted to peacefully go into police custody for questioning.

After some deep digging, I found this to be a lie! Officers attempted to put Floyd in the back seat of a police cruiser but Floyd appears to kick at the officers while inside the backseat of the car and crawls out to the other side of the vehicle where two other officers manage to wrestle him to the ground.

(YouTube video link below)

This is when officer Chauvin places his knee on the neck of Floyd for several minutes to which ultimately contributed to his death i.e.- asphyxiation.

A  Minneapolis Medical Examiners toxicology report also shows that Floyd had two extremely deadly substances in his body – methamphetamine and Fentanyl, which  may have further contributed to his death. Close up video surveillance shows Floyd dropping a plastic bag filled with a white substance while handcuffed. I couldn’t find any police reports stating what was in that bag or if any officers are aware that he managed to dump it out while handcuffed.

Conspiracy theorists say that the toxicology report is fake and an attempted cover up, however a background investigation shows that Floyd has been arrested multiple times for drug possession and other crimes which suggest familiarity with illegal substances.

George Floyd was arrested numerous times for drug charges and robbery that included him sticking a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while his friends robbed the home.

An independent autopsy was performed at the request of Floyd’s  family which concluded that he died from asphyxiation, however the independent autopsy did not perform a toxicology analysis as the Minneapolis medical examiners did.

While there is no question that Floyd was a victim of excessive force, and Officer Chauvin deserves a prison sentence, we should shame the mainstream media for failing to report the full story. Instead, they immediately spun the narrative that Floyd was an innocent black man minding his own business where he was brutally attacked by white officers for no apparent reason.

The reason the mainstream media did this is simple…. headlines using “White Vs Black” narratives gets more views and more views means more money for the news networks from advertisers!

Don’t fall for the manufactured race wars! Its not white vs black,  it’s rich vs poor. Ask Daniel Shaver or Kelly Thomas, two white victims of police brutality to which the media largely ignored because they knew it wouldn’t get much viewership. Abuse of power doesn’t discriminate against those who dont know their rights or who cant afford a good lawyer.

Mainstream media has no qualms about inciting race wars if it gets people to tune in and watch. More views= More money. Drama sales. Headlines involving proposed racism sale.

With all of that being said, officers need to be trained better in defensive tactics, de-esculation, and we need to remove arrest/ticketing quotas on officers that encourage them to go after easy targets—the poor and uninformed.

When officers are promoted to a higher rank based on positive community opinions rather than stressful arrest quotas, both officers and civilians will be put in a much less stressful scenario.

Until then…..

#justiceForGeorge #justiceForShaver #JusticeForThomas #ReformPolicing

Cung Le exposes corruption in UFC & Kentucky Family Courts

(Kickboxing & MMA-UFC legend, Cung Le)

June 1st,2020-

Cung Le is a man with quite the resume. A Vietnamese refugee, black belt level martial artist, father, actor, former champion in Kickboxing and MMA, and now we can add “human rights activist” to that list!

I had the chance to interview Mr. Le yesterday as we discussed a plethora of topics including: his professional achievements, past relationships, current protests over police brutality, and so forth. (Full interview with Cung Le can be found below in YouTube link)

Cung Le Exposes UFC & Family Law Courts- click here for video

Podcast audio version here

Le also divulged his participation in a class action lawsuit against the UFC. Le, being a former champion in the Mixed Martial Arts promotion, Strikeforce ,  decided to further his career by signing on with the top MMA promotion, UFC (The Ultimate Fighting Championship.)  

Le quickly found himself being unhappy with the company, which has been accused many times of violating anti-trust laws. Fighter pay, lack of individual negotiating power, unfair sponsorship deals, and other factors, lead Le to add his name onto a class action lawsuit involving a roster of other famous UFC fighters including Jon Fitch, who sought to bring fairness within the company. (Bloomberg article- UFC lawsuit)

Le himself admits in the interview that he was a bit apprehensive about pursuing such legal actions, as it could result in retaliation from the entertainment industry. Le’s faith in God and unwavering spirit told him it was the right thing to do, thus he ultimately decided to pursue the lawsuit which is still in pending status to this day, almost 5 years later after the initial filing.

Cung Le’s role in human rights go beyond his refugee status or his pursuit to bring fairness to fighters in the sport of MMA. Cung Le is now taking on the family law courts, in particular those in Boyd county Kentucky.

Le is no stranger to the family law courts and the unfairness that is present within that system.Cung Le has been married and divorced on two occasions. Both marriages resulting in children. Three boys in total.

Expensive legal fees, bias towards fathers, harsh child support laws, angry spouses, greedy lawyers, and corrupt departments are all ingredients of the family law courts according to Nalini-Global’s research and experience. Currently in the US, over 50% of children grow up in fatherless homes, including both white and black families, whereas laws like, Title 42 sec D of the Social Security Act, ensure that state departments will receive up to $1 from the federal government for every dollar they collect locally in child support payments.

Another element to family law corruption involves CPS (Child Protective Services). False allegations can cause parents to lose access and communication with their kids for months or even years at a time. Expensive and mandatory counseling sessions with the courts and hefty legal costs are typically the only ways to retrieve the children.

Native American families are at the highest risk for false CPS allegations. Que in, “Sunshine Spring Moose”, Cung Le’s newest romantic partner is of indigenous ancestry and a renowned fitness trainer who goes by the name “Spring” as the owner of Sunshine-Spring-Fitness.


Spring had her two children from a previous relationship taken from her by  CPS & Boyd county family law courts about 8 months ago. Spring joined in during the second half of my interview with Le, where she and Le both claim she is a victim of false allegations, possibly fabricated evidence and overall institutionalized corruption.

Spring makes the claim that Boyd county officials presented a drug test showing overwhelming amounts of Methamphetamine in Spring’s system, to which Ms.Spring claims that such a test was never personally administered to her and is fabricated evidence to possibly extort or harass her.

In the interview, Spring claims that a former client of hers, who shall remained un-named for legal purposes, was indeed busted for drug use in a separate legal incident whereas this person attempted to shift blame and make accusations of drug pushing towards her.

Le says that Sunshine-Spring is wonderful towards his own children and feels deeply concerned that all of this happening to his partner. As the interview continues,  both Le and Spring state that they have evidence that they are confident should prove their claims against Boyd county officials in Kentucky.

Due to Covid-19, future court cases are indefinitely postponed, while in the meantime, Ms.Sunshine-Spring says she has been largely cut off from her children in terms of contact and is anxious to get back to her children.

Le, says that his warrior spirit from his martial arts training and his faith in God won’t allow him to sit idle and intends to continue reaching out to various organizations until a full investigation can be conducted to clear this issue.

I tried to call Boyd County’s Department of CPS at (606) 920-2032, and identified myself as an independent journalist looking for any comments regarding this case from the department whereas I was told a supervisor would potentially call me back for comment, yet no response thus far.

In the full length interview, more details are given which you can see in the link provided earlier in this article and make up your own mind. Regardless of the outcome of this case, we can all agree that the tentacles of the the family law courts are long, complicated, and murky. It’s a system that sometimes helps yet often hurts.

When the government attempts to interject itself into family matters, the end results are rarely good. Regardless,  many argue that CPS is a necessary evil as it has also saved the lives of many children by removing them from dangerous homes.

Cung Le and Sunshine Spring,  assure me that is not the case with them in this situation and intend to fight to the bitter end or until justice can be served for them.

For references please see contact and media links below:

Cung Le Instagram: @CungLe185

Sunshine Spring Moose Instagram: @sunshinespringfitness

Boyd County Kentucky Child Protective Services: (606) 920-2032

Nalini-Global- 2020

Randell Stroud is the owner of Nalini-Global, a paralegal, investigator, boxing coach, activist, politician, and author of “Global Human Trafficking in the Family Law Courts” available on amazon.com. Stroud has also worked with other renowned family law activists like “Kenya Rahmaan”, Army vet, and  owner of the Child support Hustle non-profit, who has spent years of her life exposing the corruption in family law systems. —-